That capitalism has established a centralized state administration for the strengthening of its hegemony over people, which through steady intensification of authoritarian pressure has continually increased the power of capital and retroactively caused a constant expansion of state authority to the detriment of the workers and to the benefit of the privileged, simply means that the state directed from above is the only form of organization suitable for the maintenance and promotion of the capitalist-directed economy; however, it means at the same time that only capitalist conditions can harmonize with state centralism in its intended effect, and further that every centralized state power can develop capitalism and generate it anew wherever it is not or might never have been at all. — Erich Mühsam (via class-struggle-anarchism)
Damn… son, or damn… tree.

Damn… son, or damn… tree.

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Since production is a social process involving many different kinds of workers due to the division of labor, the union is a form of association that represents both potential mastery over the entire production process, as well as their potential ability to collectively shut down production. […] However, as the union potentially combines the many different types of workers involved in the production process, it becomes the form of organization of the collective worker whose increasing cooperation develops in the production process. […] Do the workers combine to bargain for the terms of sale of their labor power or do they combine as collective producers who can seize the means of production? Finding Our Footing on the Union Question, Unity & Struggle (via marxvx)
#Johnie Bigham

#Johnie Bigham

  • Interviewer: what are your best qualities?
  • Me: I strike at the drop of a fuckin' pin, don't even test me. Someone got fired? Strike. Injury? Strike. Wages not paid? Strike. Striking? Strike. I'll strike the shit out of this place, i'll see you in hell
  • Interviewer: alright so you're enthusiastic
The domination of capitalism globally depends today on the existence of a Chinese Communist Party that gives de-localized capitalist enterprises cheap labour to lower prices and deprive workers of the rights of self-organization. — Jacques Rancière (via class-struggle-anarchism)
“It is a great feeling to know
that from a window
I can go to books to cans of beer to past loves.
And from these gather enough dream
to sneak out a back door.”
― Gregory Corso